Update on “Would You Marry A Farmer”

Hello – did you ever feel like you were removed from real life? I feel I’ve been in a vacuum for the last few days with the keyboard welded to my fingers between preparing lessons for We Teach Social, proofreading again and again, organising where the images go etc. But the good news is we are nearly there. I went to the printers today to iron out a few things, finishing them off tomorrow and then on Thursday I read through a proof and then all going well, they start flying off at the printers.  I should have them by 28th or 29th (hard cover takes a week) so I’ll be posting them out on 2nd December all going well.

There’s been a little delay with the new website due to the transfer of the domain name etc taking a few days but it will be up soon too. All is well on the farm although I feel I’ve hardly been up the yard at all. One way to get your farmer husband to do the grocery shopping by the way – just write a book and ensure you have a tight deadline!

Here’s a sneak peak of the full cover of the book (before the blurb and ISBN number etc are on it). What do you think?

Would You Marry A Farmer?

I have many favourites amongst the twenty illustrations but here’s one of them – can anyone guess what dance this farmer’s wife is doing?

Would you marry a farmer?

And another … Joanne is so so talented.

Would you marry a farmer?

Thanks for all the encouragement everyone, it’s getting hugely exciting now. Not long to go at all.

On the farm front, it’s been a good start to the winter. There was a bit of a panic when the weather turned cold and wet for a few days as all those jobs that are supposed to be done on quiet days during the summer, such as getting sheds ready for the winter, fixing barriers, fixing back cow mats, there weren’t any quiet days!  The bulls are all in and the various batches are at different stages of being fattened. The cows are in at night and the heifers and calves are still out, but not for much longer.  We have enough grass by day for the cows to stay out by day until 25th November so they will be put dry that week. Sometimes we milk them into December but it depends on the quota situation and we need to leave some quota available for the spring. It will be great when the quota system is gone in another year and we can send in whatever milk we produce without the worry of being penalised.   Their milk is really high in protein and fat at the moment and I have been meaning to have a go at making butter before they go dry but just haven’t had the time. They will have 2 months rest from milking and calving starts end of January.


15 thoughts on “Update on “Would You Marry A Farmer”

    • Thank you very much Catherine, the last time we were chatting on twitter, you were thinking of crowdfunding for your book if I remember correctly. I’m just checking out your blog now and I see you have been successful. I’m sorry I missed the crowdfunding, I would have pledged. I’ve been hopeless with reading blog posts and books for the last 4 months. Your book sounds brilliant and I love the cover. We could have been exchanging notes on crowdfunding and writing 😉

  1. The illustrations and cover are cute. All the best with the sales – just in time for Christmas stockings. There seems to be little time for rest on a farm. May the weather be the kind you want!

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